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Crystal Diagnostic Lab provides superior quality diagnostic services that help patients receive medical treatment or to allow them to understand their body functioning essentially for a healthy lifestyle. Our vision is driven by our philosophy to provide the best pathology lab experience by offering high-quality accurate tests at reasonable prices to the patients. We achieve this with the help of a variety of tests, offers, and qualified professionals combined with the state of the art technologies that deliver quick & accurate results, every time.

We use modern science & technology to give you an accurate and meticulous set of information. Our fully automated and computerized pathology lab assures accurate results about your medical tests.

Crystal Lab services is a clinical diagnostic center dedicated to comprehensive, high-quality, and rapid response lab testing at affordable prices. We perform all types of tests in biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, virology, histopathology/Cytology, and RT-PCR conduct various test profiles for all diseases. We also offer molecular pathology services.



Our mission is to provide innovative, timely, and quality medical laboratory services for our valuable customers/patients.

And Our vision is to empowering health and impacting lives.

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We, Crystal Diagnostic, are always fully focused on helping our Clients and you to overcame any hurdle, whether it’s a big health issue or just a seasonal flue.

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Call us now if you are in a medical emergency need, we will reply swiftly and provide you with a medical aid.

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