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Molecular laboratory of Crystal Diagnostic was established with a goal of providing quality reports of molecular diagnostic tests to the public.  We have all the necessary set up and equipment for processing a biosafety level-2 organism. The laboratory provides ……….m2 work space divided into three areas to prevent possible contamination and infections. Clear separation of high-risk, moderate-risk and low-risk areas provides the right working environment and, is also the special feature of our laboratory.

We provide all the services related to polymerase chain reaction from our molecular unit. The diagnostic facilities available at Crystal Molecular Unit includes gene-based assays such as, detection of pathogen by identifying genes specific to the organisms. With this test one can simply know whether they have infection with the tested organism or not. In addition, we also provide diagnostic facilities of genetic diseases such as sickle cell, thalassemia and many more.

Beside this, we also offer quantitative PCR test such as viral load testing with the help of which one can know the concentration of pathogen inside the body. This is used by a clinician to plan the treatment protocol in an infected individual.

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We, Crystal Diagnostic, are always fully focused on helping our Clients and you to overcame any hurdle, whether it’s a big health issue or just a seasonal flue.

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