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Why Post-Covid Health Checkup is important?


The immune system of your body constantly works to protect and shield the body from a variety of infections and diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Even after being fully recovered from Coronavirus infection, few people may experience Post-COVID conditions such as fibrosis in the lungs, renal failure, neurological problems, diabetes, and sometimes cardiac arrest.

Coronavirus attacks and weakens your body while destroying your immunity apart affecting several body parts especially the lungs. That is the reason why having poor health conditions gets worse after being affected by a coronavirus.

The post-Covid phenomenon might cover a wide range of ongoing, returning and new health-related problems where people can experience it even more than fours weeks after being infected by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Thus this phenomenon has been known as Post COVID 19 syndrome.

Why Post-Covid Health Checkup is important

Why should you get a Post-COVID Health Checkup?

After being affected by the coronavirus there are many severe COVID-19 conditions being reported daily, therefore, every recovered patient should continue to monitor their health status.

Even after being recovered from the COVID-19, it has been observed that it leaves some long-term negative impacts in our body that can turn into serious problems along with destroying our body’s immune system.

A post-COVID health checkup is essential to detect any issue in the body. The issues of COVID-19 could go past the lungs including the heart, brain, skin, and kidney. It is important for the proper functioning of each and every part of the body.

This package of health checkups is even more important for patients with pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, kidney problem, cholesterol, cardiac diseases, and cancer. etc

How To Know If Your health Has Been Affected By The Covid?

There are several signs in your blood that give you an evaluation of your health conditions. The signs in the blood are of different types from the cell and their ratio to one another. Apart from that, there are different chemical signs that show the status of your physiological health.

If you have been recovered from the COVID-19, you can use these test signs to find out ho your body and organs including the heart have been affected by the coronavirus infection and also how much your body’s immunity has been compromised.

Where can you get a Post-COVID Health Checkup in Kathmandu?
Crystal Diagnostics has been providing a Post-COVID health checkup package which includes every test you need to conduct after recovering from a coronavirus infection.
We will list every test that is available in the package and this package is suitable for anyone who wants to have a full health checkup of their body after being recovered from COVID-19.

We also provide home checkup services if you feel difficult to visit the clinic. It has been difficult to travel during this pandemic. To solve this problem we are providing home services.

Why Post-Covid Health Checkup is important

Post-COVID health checkup package includes


The test is used to determine how well you have responded to a COVID infection by measuring several types of blood cells (RBCs, WBCs, Platelets, and so on). It could point you in the direction of any additional steps you’ll need to take when you’ve recovered.

RFT Mini

A Renal Function Test (RFT) Mini is used to determine the kidneys’ overall health. Patients with diabetes might use it as a preventive screening test to check that their kidneys are working properly.

LFT Mini

Liver function tests (also known as a liver panel) are blood tests that assess the liver’s ability to produce several enzymes, proteins, and other chemicals. These tests examine your liver’s overall health. On a single blood sample, many drugs are frequently analyzed at the same time.


The D-dimer test evaluates whether or not a blood clot is abnormal. Blood clot development can persist even after a full recovery.

COVID-19, as a result of inflammation and systemic alterations, causes serious lung damage in a few people. The blood and its clotting ability can be affected by inflammation and systemic changes in the body.


It is a blood test that determines the level of inflammation in the body as well as the infection level. It can detect bacterial infections in the lungs, urinary tract, digestive tract, skin, and heart problems, among other things.


An erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) test evaluates how quickly erythrocytes (red blood cells) settle at the bottom of a test tube containing a blood sample. Red blood cells settle relatively slowly in the normal state. A higher-than-normal rate could suggest that the body is inflamed. Inflammation is a natural aspect of your immune system’s response.


The immune system produces these antibodies — proteins that are critical for fighting and clearing out the virus. If test results show that you have antibodies, it indicates that you were likely infected with COVID-19 at some time in the past. It may also mean that you have some immunity.


The LDH test is used to forecast a patient’s respiratory performance. It can tell you if you need more intensive supportive therapies and tighter respiratory monitoring to avoid a poor prognosis.

All these tests are important to know the status of your recovery after being affected by COVID-19 infections. Each of these tests has significant importance that needs to be checked. Some people might have severe after infection symptoms while some may not see any symptoms at all.

Crytal Diagnostics has been actively involved in checking COVID-19 status through various standard COVID tests like RT-PCR, COVID antibody tests, etc.

If you are in any need of checking your health status then feel free to Contact Crystal Diagnostic Lab.

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We, Crystal Diagnostic, are always fully focused on helping our Clients and you to overcame any hurdle, whether it’s a big health issue or just a seasonal flue.

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